The Power of One - Coming Together to Create Greatness


While people might be individually talented and able to reach personal goals, loftier achievements can only be accomplished by combining the efforts, talents, and contributions of everyone.

In her lively and fun presentation, Meg Johnson helps individuals recognize the value of their own personal contributions as well as the talents and contributions of their fellow workers – and show how each piece fits together to accomplish the goals that create the big picture.

Your group will be excited to:

  • Eliminate conflict and internal competition in the workplace.
  • Infuse their co-workers with the energy necessary to produce outstanding outcomes.
  • Create a collaborative and innovative organization.




60 minutes | 90 minutes


Your team will happily return to work with a fresh perspective, invigorated with acceptance of their coworkers’ contributions and an excitement to combine their talents and efforts to achieve the next level of success.