Turning Farm Wisdom Into Business Success


Most of life’s lessons can be learned on the farm. In this funny, fun, and popular keynote, John discusses how business success is as easy as farm work.

Farmer John will take your employees on a journey through the big red barn and introduce them to the systematic country life truths that harvest success even for the city-est of city folk.

Your group will:

  • Be more productive as they return to work with farmhand fervor.
  • Enjoy the low-key theme and relate to the earthy honesties that ring just as true for their big city business.
  • Be honest in their work and happy to not only put in their full day’s share, but enthusiastic to work hard ‘til the job is done – and done right!
  • Return to work with renewed gratitude for their jobs and ready to do what needs doing!


Strengthening your Corporate Culture.


60 minutes | 90 minutes


Your team will happily return to their farm, uh, desk, with a fresh perspective.