How Emotional Intelligence Drives Results


How your employees relate to and understand each other creates a constructive or destructive environment.

In this fun and eye-opening seminar, John Bytheway shows how emotional intelligence affects the workweek and the home life. John’s humorous teaching style will captivate your employees and have them laughing and learning.

After being part of this uplifting and edifying event, your employees will:

  • Recognize their own emotions and the emotions of others and how it affects their work.
  • Get along better with each other, with management, and with customers.
  • Use emotional information to enhance their emotional intelligence and let it guide their thinking and behavior, allowing them to be more productive.
  • Manage their emotions to adapt to new environments and achieve goals.


Teamwork, Happiness in the Workplace.


60 minutes | 90 minutes
Half day seminar | Full day seminar


Your employees will return to work with greater understanding of how emotions affect their own and their coworkers' work lives, which will lead to greater teamwork and a more productive environment.